Gamer Profiles: Edgar Tadeo

Edgar Tadeo is best known as an inker for Marvel comics, an indie comic creator, and a well-rounded freelance artist but there’s another side to him. Unbeknown to the majority of Earth’s population, Edgar is also an avid video gamer When he’s not chained on his inking chores he can be tinkering with his gaming consoles. 

Joystiko: First of all Ed, tell us how many consoles you own and/or have ever owed?
Ed: Let me see...I had the first Game Boy, PlayStation [PSX], PlayStation2, PlayStation3, PSP; so they're five. If you include Atari that would be six.

Joystiko: Which console do you liked the most? Played the most?
Ed: Right now, coz it's the best console so far, it's the PS3. It's just cool playing games in high definition.

Joystiko: What type of game (genre) do you usually play?
Ed: I really like action adventure games, especially third person shooters. Kinda like Tomb Raider or Metal Gear Solid type of games. I also like fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken. Racing is also on my list, even though I don't drive and never dream to have muscle cars, I still like driving them even if it's just in video games. I also like first person shooters. I never tried playing Counter Strike on PC but I thought those sort of games were fun. So I tried them even though I get motion sickness. So far with Modern Warfare 2 I don't get that kind of sickness. I enjoyed playing it on the PS3.

Joystiko: Tell us about your most loved/memorable video game?
Ed: Metal Gear Solid - even though I didn't know they had the first one in Game Boy, I still like playing the first game on Play Station One. It's so simple, graphics are low like they're Pepakura (paper craft). I became
happier when the first MGS environment and mecha were remade for MGS4. It is more fun to play with now that it is in HD.

Joystiko: How about the your most hated, like the one that gave you a very hard time?
Ed: I know it's just me. I just don't get this game - Final Fantasy. I never played it, never tried, and never will. What's with the selections and sub-selections for moves when fighting your enemies? What's with the
turn-based combat? Does it work that way 'coz I never played it. I just saw my little brother playing that game on PSP. The beat-em-up game (Dissidia), somehow I tried, but I never enjoyed it. I get bored easily.

Joystiko: Were there any people from the video game industry that inspired you in real-life?
Ed: Ah, no one. If there's one, that might me Hideo Kojima who created Metal Gear Solid.

Joystiko: Your Facebook Wall often post your achievements in Red Dead Redemption (PS3). Is that what you are hooked on are there any other games you’re crazy about right now?
Ed: Something I suddenly got addicted to! 'Coz there are horses! They're cowboys! When did you see the character you're playing has a horse? Even though it's like Grand Theft Auto in the West, it's is fun to shoot enemies on a horse. What's more fun is the Red Eye. Kinda like a bullet time in Max Payne. I enjoy most is the duel where you can just disarm your enemy or feed him with bullets.

Joystiko: Which upcoming game(s) are you most excited about right now?
Ed: Everybody's waiting for Gran Turismo 5. I really can't wait. Also, Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Joystiko: This one’s fun: tell us one thing that you learned from video games.

Ed: It's easier to drive a car in Manual Mode in games than in real life. I hate driving. Hehe! Seriously, it widens my idea of design when creating comics.

Joystiko: Lastly: if you were in the video game industry, what would you be and what sortof game would you come up with?
Ed: Maybe I'll be a conceptual artist or character designer for a fantasy based, first person shooter genre. But I never dreamed of joining the biz.

You can check out Ed's works on his website Nyek! - Edgar Tadeo.com.

Stay tuned to Joystiko for more Gamer Profiles!

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